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Frequently asked questions for Maid Service in Brooklyn

How much does Maid Service cost in Brooklyn ?

The hourly price for Maid Service starts at around $12, but that can go up depending on the complexity of the job. Its better to post a cleaning job in our website, and get free price quotes for your exact job.

How much to tip Maid Service in Brooklyn ?

The amount you want to tip the profesional cleaning worker depends on the type of job, and the amount they take to complete it. Usually is around 10-15% of the amount, but in many cases the professional company will not require tip, they just do the job and leave your location after.

What house cleaning should be done weekly?

Weekly house cleaning tasks typically include dusting all surfaces, vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms (including toilets, showers, and sinks), wiping down kitchen surfaces, and tidying up rooms. It's also common to change bedding and manage laundry during this routine.

How often do you need a maid?

The frequency of hiring a maid depends on your lifestyle, home size, and personal preferences. For busy households or larger homes, a weekly cleaning might be necessary. Others might find that bi-weekly or monthly visits are sufficient to keep the home clean and organized.

How much is a cleaning lady in Brooklyn?

The cost of a cleaning lady in Brooklyn varies widely depending on the size of the home and the specifics of the cleaning job. On average, rates can range from $25 to $50 per hour. Some cleaners might also offer flat rates for specific services or packages.

What is the 3 day cleaning schedule?

A 3 day cleaning schedule breaks down cleaning tasks over three days to manage workload and maintain a clean home. For example, Day 1 could focus on dusting and vacuuming, Day 2 on bathrooms and kitchens, and Day 3 on tidying and organizing specific areas or doing laundry.

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